The first day of the hearings to confirm Supreme Court hopeful, Justice Brett Kavanaugh was filled with incessant disruption. Women stood outside of the building cloaked in long, capillary red robes and white wimples like handmaidens from Margaret Atwood’s dystopian, though not feeling too far-fetched now, fiction. Inside the proceedings, protesters, largely women, brandished signs, shouted down congress people, and were forcibly removed, some arrested. … Continue reading Her-steria

Stronger Together: The Newport Folk Festival

Ben Harper looks like he is about to cry. Harper is a blues/rock/indie guitarist who has been making music since the early-1990s. Tall, lean, and with chiseled features that make him look like he is clipped from the pages of a superhero comic book, Harper is an imposing figure. From where I’m sitting underneath the Quad Stage tent at the Newport Folk Festival, I can … Continue reading Stronger Together: The Newport Folk Festival

Life Finds A Way

“Life finds a way,” says Jeff Goldblum as the wry, arch, very Goldblum-y character Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park. He’s referring to the naïve notion that the scientists actually have a handle on population control in the Dino-park, that they can somehow put a leash on the dinosaurs’ breeding habits, which would not only be futuristic science, but also make for a very short, … Continue reading Life Finds A Way