Grateful Dead

In Boston, the dead are everywhere. They are immortalized as statues in the middle of courtyards and public walkways; they show up on plaques tacked onto the outside of historic buildings and screwed onto the backs of park benches. They lie in the ground across nineteen different cemeteries spread out across the commonwealth. The city has grown up around many of these burial grounds, putting … Continue reading Grateful Dead

Time Traveling Vinyl

The post office is within walking distance of our house. It abuts the commuter rail depot near the end of the main street that makes up the brief downtown business area. The post office is little more than the size of a roomy New York studio apartment complete with the exposed brick, grimy linoleum, and persistent smell of moldering paper and cigarette smoke to match. … Continue reading Time Traveling Vinyl

Whole Latte Love

There are no shortage of cafés in Boston. Chains co-exist with indie spaces. People are loyal to their favorite spots, putting them in the same category as Jimmy Buffet fans. They are quick to defend the superior quality of everything from the coffee to the music to the unisex bathrooms (big, like, wicked, like room enough to pahk a semi!). These people could contract dysentery from … Continue reading Whole Latte Love