Announcing the Coalition of the Stood-Up for Trump Super PAC

Dear Mr. President: We are pleased to officially announce the creation of the Super PAC: The Coalition of the Stood-Up for Trump. We followed the recent events of your highly anticipated “make rallies great again” event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Many of us were shocked and sickened by what unfolded: You got stood up. You got ding-dong-ditched hard, Mr. President. That is a wound that cuts … Continue reading Announcing the Coalition of the Stood-Up for Trump Super PAC

Thoreau Back

I spend twenty minutes wandering around a paved path that loops up over several short grassy hills trying to find “Author’s Ridge,” the plateau where Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Henry David Thoreau are buried. There is big nineteenth-century nerd energy here in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord Massachusetts. Designed in 1855, the landscape architects chose the “garden design” approach, … Continue reading Thoreau Back

There Goes the Neighborhood

Wild turkeys are roaming in the neighborhood. My first turkey sighting was on an early winter morning. I was driving home from the gym when I turned into our street and saw a mom with her two young kids standing on the sidewalk. The mom was pointing in the direction of our house just a few blocks down. I followed her finger to see four … Continue reading There Goes the Neighborhood

Post Office: Strange Welcome Here

“DO NOT RENT BOX 841!” Someone scrawled the note in black sharpie and tacked it on the wall over a table littered with papers and assorted office supplies. I stared at it while I waited for the post officer worker to reappear. She was retrieving a package that ended up in the main branch of the post office where I live. Behind me several people … Continue reading Post Office: Strange Welcome Here