Fourth Chair

Even though I didn’t know how to play any type of jazz instrument, when I was a junior in high school I decided I was going to join jazz band. Ours was a fairly typical suburban high school arts program: understaffed, under appreciated, underfunded. The light board for our school’s auditorium was run by a combination of the same circuitry used to send the first … Continue reading Fourth Chair

Stronger Together: The Newport Folk Festival

Ben Harper looks like he is about to cry. Harper is a blues/rock/indie guitarist who has been making music since the early-1990s. Tall, lean, and with chiseled features that make him look like he is clipped from the pages of a superhero comic book, Harper is an imposing figure. From where I’m sitting underneath the Quad Stage tent at the Newport Folk Festival, I can … Continue reading Stronger Together: The Newport Folk Festival

Time Traveling Vinyl

The post office is within walking distance of our house. It abuts the commuter rail depot near the end of the main street that makes up the brief downtown business area. The post office is little more than the size of a roomy New York studio apartment complete with the exposed brick, grimy linoleum, and persistent smell of moldering paper and cigarette smoke to match. … Continue reading Time Traveling Vinyl