There Goes the Neighborhood

Wild turkeys are roaming in the neighborhood. My first turkey sighting was on an early winter morning. I was driving home from the gym when I turned into our street and saw a mom with her two young kids standing on the sidewalk. The mom was pointing in the direction of our house just a few blocks down. I followed her finger to see four … Continue reading There Goes the Neighborhood

Snow Down

Winter has finally arrived in Boston just in time for spring. The seasons have been steadily migrating for quite a while now, which is totally nothing to worry about if you’re psyched about the prospect of taking an evolutionary leap and growing gills or think you might be able to harvest soybeans in your bathtub. The cold settled into New England right on time in … Continue reading Snow Down

Hail Mary

I’m not interested in church for the religion as much as I am for the variety. Visit a city or even a mid-size town and pop into a few of these institutions and you’ll see what I mean. Some resemble medieval castles with their lethal spirals and flying buttresses while others are modest boxy things all worn, green carpeting and slats for windows. It’s as … Continue reading Hail Mary

Funky Town: Graffiti Alley

Every city has its kink, its pockets of oddball charm like the shag rug underneath the grand piano. Seattle has an entire second subterranean city sunk underneath its streets. New Orleans encourages graveyard tourism. Los Angeles is block after creepy block lifted from a David Lynch film. Boston has Graffiti Alley—funk central in the form of a vertical sandbox devoted to constantly morphing street art. … Continue reading Funky Town: Graffiti Alley