Cosmopolitan Articles, 1860

Whalebone? Cotton? Silk?: What Your Corset Says About You Vapors! When It’s Okay to Fake It! Tempt’n Temperance: The sexy social cause you need to get behind! How Pious Are You? Take the Cosmo Quiz! Va-Va-Venison! New Things in Stews! Is He Spending Too Much Time at the Ale House?: 7 warning signs you might need to produce a few more children to save your … Continue reading Cosmopolitan Articles, 1860

Brave on Paper

We’re all brave somewhere. I’m brave on paper. A woman friend of mine recently confronted a man on an airplane. This seems equal parts courageous and unadvisable. You’re already sardined into the equivalent of a flying Dairy Whip canister with nothing between one another but flimsy pieces of plastic and a bag containing six off-brand Fishie crackers. Stirring it up with a fellow traveler at … Continue reading Brave on Paper

Fourth Chair

Even though I didn’t know how to play any type of jazz instrument, when I was a junior in high school I decided I was going to join jazz band. Ours was a fairly typical suburban high school arts program: understaffed, under appreciated, underfunded. The light board for our school’s auditorium was run by a combination of the same circuitry used to send the first … Continue reading Fourth Chair

Sheer Perfection

I’m developing a Mary Berry app. Mary Berry is the charming, British, chic grandmotherly type of person who is a master baker and former co-host of the wildly popular Great British Baking Show. If Mary Poppins had a mother, it would be Mary Berry. The Great British Baking Show is a reality-based show where amateur home bakers convene each week in a tricked out kitchen … Continue reading Sheer Perfection