Sheer Perfection

I’m developing a Mary Berry app. Mary Berry is the charming, British, chic grandmotherly type of person who is a master baker and former co-host of the wildly popular Great British Baking Show. If Mary Poppins had a mother, it would be Mary Berry. The Great British Baking Show is a reality-based show where amateur home bakers convene each week in a tricked out kitchen … Continue reading Sheer Perfection

This Is U.S.

All the other parents swooped into the rec hall to collect their kids from the “children’s mass” except mine. I was five. Stranded. Abandoned, like, forever probably came the panicky whisper in my child’s mind as green and unruly as a field of wildflowers. We were not really a churchy family. My father swore off Catholicism after growing up frog-marched into church where he lost … Continue reading This Is U.S.

Time Traveling Vinyl

The post office is within walking distance of our house. It abuts the commuter rail depot near the end of the main street that makes up the brief downtown business area. The post office is little more than the size of a roomy New York studio apartment complete with the exposed brick, grimy linoleum, and persistent smell of moldering paper and cigarette smoke to match. … Continue reading Time Traveling Vinyl