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Press for The League:

Little Lady Librarian (book blog), book review, link (Canada), 10 New Feminist Books to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Yahoo! Entertainment, book recommendation in “The It List,”link

Cristi’s Reviews (book blog), book review, link

Traveling Curiosity (blog), book review, link

Fangirl Nation, book review, link

Jackie Cioffa (author blog), book review, link


Creative nonfiction about women/feminism, humor, pop culture, music & more. Pieces have appeared on Belladonna Comedy, RYOT, I AM THAT GIRL,, Feminine Collective & others.

“I’m The Reality Show Cooking Judge Here to Trigger Your Daddy Issues” Belladonna Comedy

“Lipstick and Vigilance” Feminine Collective

“Did You Drop A Pound?” Feminine Collective

“The Girl Stays in The Dress,” Huffington Post

“Art Drives Activism,” Huffington Post

“Square Dance Lesson,” Niche Lit Magazine

“Lighthouse,” bioStories

“Muddy Ruckus: Pretty Bones,Red Line Roots