Requisite “writer at the cafe” shot.

I was at a cafe eavesdropping on a young woman interviewing a man for a sociology project about skateboarding. The guy kept up a continuous stream of chatter about everything skateboard-related: Tony Hawk, the Tony Hawk video game, skate culture, skate apparel, skate history, skate communities in big cities versus small towns, the influx of girls learning how to skate, the difference between a backside-pop shuv it and a frontside-pop shuv it (I couldn’t get the visual, but thought telling someone to “put that in your back-side pop and shuv it” would be incredibly satisfying). As she wrapped up their conversation, I heard him say “If there’s anything else you need or have any other questions, give me a shout. I really give a shit about skating on a regular basis.”

Well-said skateboard enthusiast.

I’m a writer from Boston. Things that I give a shit about on a regular basis include: an outsized love for and pride in my city; feminism and women’s issues; humor; music (consuming, collecting, watching, overthinking, fan-girling); and photography for starters.

I have a PhD and tried on the academic life for a number of years, but it turned out the hem was too long and style all wrong for my “shape,” so I packed it away with my collection of Billy Joel concert T-shirts (no judgement) and went shopping for another kind of life in the creative arts. I’ve worked for non-profits and currently do a variety of creative/freelance work in music PR and writing. I am represented by Full Circle Literary.