About She

Image credit: Sheila Moeschen




I’m a Boston-based writer, photographer, and author of The League of Extraordinarily Funny Women: 50 Trailblazers of Comedy (Running Press) available now at any of your favorite bookeries. I am represented by Full Circle Literary. 

I use my photography to explore story and write about visual culture. You can view more of my photography on Instagram: @wordnerdshe. Prints are available for purchase and licensing. All rights reserved.

I have a PhD in Gender & Theatre Studies from Northwestern University and am a freelance copywriter and creative/content consultant. I have contributed on-air to the nationally syndicated podcasts Backstory with the History Guys and Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson and been featured on radio as a guest of Chicago’s WGN Bill Leff & Wendy Snyder Show.


I’m available for speaking and workshop opportunities. To start a conversation, email: smoeschen(at)gmail.com


  • Finding self-confidence through humor (especially aimed at women)
  • Humor is your superpower—stress less, feel better, and laugh more (wellness related)
  • Unlocking creativity through play & humor
  • Exploring laughter and humor as tools for resilience and resistence
  • Transforming your personal story through the humor
  • Empowering healthier self-esteem in girls and women
  • Networking/communication skills for women—using humor/improv & storytelling techniques for easier, more relaxed networking/communication situations
  • Women get rid of negativity & toxic self-talk—using humor/improv techniques on how to become aware of and transform negative self-image/toxic self-talk practices


  • Wellness/self-care workshops for women caregivers: with Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy traveling in the US to local chapters to meet with women (group size 10-15) and at annual conference (group size 20+)
  • Discover, Own, Share Your Story: Using writing, journaling, and creativity prompts/techniques to identify the authentic elements of your story and learn how to shape and share your narrative
  • Creativity in Business: worked with former academic colleague to give workshops on connection between improv principles and creativity in business. Group size 20+, Boston area; gave several workshops at the Bentley University Women’s Leadership Annual Conference on self-presentation through improv