Stay Weird, Beacon Hill: Part 3

Those nutty Storm Troopers are in the Halloween spirit! It’s a classic skeleton theme for the beleaguered proletariat of the Death Star—smart, simple, something they can easily change out of in the event that Rebel forces attack or they spill punch on themselves at the annual Intergalactic Death Star Halloween Spooktacular party.

Trick or treat! It’s Halloween on the Death Star!

Any droid worth its protocol functions will be there; it’s the must attend event of the year (mostly because if you do not attend, Emperor Palpatine will incinerate you with his mind). Will Darth Vadar become enraged that someone came dressed as him and snuff them out with little more than the pinch of his fingers and a lot of heavy breathing again this year? You’ll have to come and find out. It promises to be a night of fun with full-sized Wookie bars and a make-your-own ice cream sundae bar stocked with all the most popular flavors imported from Hoth. Don’t miss a special director’s cut midnight screening of the highly-acclaimed (and very, very, very short) film, The Destruction of Alderaan.

But don’t get cocky, Storm Troopers. It seems you have some competition from a fellow weirdo just one street over. In what can only be described as creep chic, the residents of this property are boldly rocking a small army of severed zombie doll heads.

It’s as if Tim Burton and John Waters had a love child who was clearly living off the residuals of both of their careers. I hope these fine Beacon Hill dwellers leave the zombie doll heads up year round: little Santa hats for the holidays, bunny years for Easter, maybe jaunty star spangled top hats for the Fourth of July. Property values will increase by the triple digits and it might take the heat off from that brownstone three blocks down sporting what appears to be Colonial door knockers on a Federal style house! * Shudder * Now that’s some serious horror right there.

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Sheila C. Moeschen I am a writer from Boston. Visit for more.

2 thoughts on “Stay Weird, Beacon Hill: Part 3

    1. Craig! You are too funny! Nope, I’m just a frequent lurker on the Hill..and now this window is one of my favorite spots…I can hardly wait to see the holiday-scape 🙂


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