Cosmopolitan Articles, 1860

Whalebone? Cotton? Silk?: What Your Corset Says About You

Vapors! When It’s Okay to Fake It!

Tempt’n Temperance: The sexy social cause you need to get behind!

How Pious Are You? Take the Cosmo Quiz!

Va-Va-Venison! New Things in Stews!

Is He Spending Too Much Time at the Ale House?: 7 warning signs you might need to produce a few more children to save your marriage

Ask Mrs. Tenneley: “Dear Mrs. Tenneley: I had a dream about Mr. Mark Twain that left me flushed! Help!” Read her shocking reply!

Quill Thrill: Our editors pick the most beautiful writing instruments to really make those letters home to father say ‘I’m not at all trapped in a loveless marriage of property and convenience.’

Women’s Rights: What’s All Wrong

Entertaining for Thirty!

Is America Headed For a Civil War? 5 questions to ask your husband, father, brother, pastor, male cousin, local blacksmith, or other male authority figure in your life

Ankle Slimming-Is it Safe? Get the facts before you start whittling away those pesky inches

Are you an Emma, an Elizabeth, an Elinor? Take Our Jane Austen Quiz to Find Out!

Todd-Die-For! Get First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln’s signature look! Our stylists spill about where she gets those awesome blossoms for her hair, who her fashion influences are (hint: a certain French empress), and more!

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